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1 on 1 Premium Training with Ryan Scully

Why choose to do
Premium Personal Training
with Ryan?

Progressive Workouts
that lead to tangible results you can see on paper and in the mirror.

Customized Programming
ensure that your workouts not only meet your individual goals but also take into consideration your unique lifestyle.

Enhanced Accountability
through daily checkins with your coach in order to keep you on track with your goals.

Periodized Training Practices
(methods used to mitigate overtraining in athletes) are used to prevent you from ‘overtraining’, ‘burning out’ aka ‘plateauing’; and most importantly it prevents you from getting injured.

Positive Association
is a method where I take the most challenging aspects of your training and find ways to make them fun and less intimidating.

Versatile Exercise Selections
are incorporated during every workout to create a fresh and unique experience so you never feel bored and always look forward to the next session.


A customized program you can actually look forward to.
Stay motivated!