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Training Philosophy

We don’t embrace ‘bro-science’ over real science.

How you train, matters. Every workout no matter what your goal is, should start with a solid warm up along with a few critical movements that engage the core and connect the mind with the body. Then, and only then should we train.

Goal-Specific Programming

Whether you’re an athlete that requires sport-specificity or a recreational body-builder with unique training requirements during certain phases of your competitive season, we’ve got you covered. In our Small Group Personal Training classes, we’re able to customize your workout to ensure you’re always progressing in the safest and most effective manner possible.

We’ve trained over a hundred men and woman who went on to become service members, police officers, fire fighters, D1 scholarship athletes and even a few special forces trainees. Using the principles of periodization and sport-specicificity, we can customize anyones workout plan to meet the needs of any client that walks into True looking to improve their performance.

True Atmosphere

Guaranteed you will be greeted by name and welcomed to every single session as if you were part owner of the facility. That’s the kind of atmosphere we create for our fun, family-friendly and challenging environment.

Ryan Scully


ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2012

Spartan SGX Certified in 2014

Studied Exercise Science and Nutrition at GCC

Completed 4x 24-Hour Worlds Toughest Mudder

Completed 5 Spartan World Championships

3x 50k Trail Race Podium Finishes including 1x First Place Finish

Trained 2020 AZ Spartan Sprint Mens Elite 1st Place Finisher

Trained the Mens Age Group 14-18 2018/19’ Spartan World Champion

Trained hundreds of young men and woman to prepare for Military Basic Training

Served in the US Army from 2002 – 2006 including a 12 Month tour in Iraq

Owned and Operated True Fitness Gym for 8 years


Bjondina Tabaku

Marketing Director

Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

5 Years Experience in Graphic Design, Social Media

Management and Social Media Content Creation and

Marketing Strategy Design for multiple companies across multiple platforms

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🏋️‍♂️👊💥True Fitness is alive and well on Saturdays … come see what makes us the best! . . . I’ll give you a hint, it’s our amazing trainers and our incredible community of clients!!! Saturdays are a great chance to come and try some new stuff like Obstacles at 6am or Group Training with Nicko at 8am and 9am.
Come check us out😁
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Front Desk is an extremely important position here at True Fitness. Thankfully, we have an extremely awesome guy named ZYLER @perazzi_z to help you with whatever you may need while you’re working out at the gym! ...

💤⏰“If you’re concerned about a lack of sleep, well, yes, you do need plenty of sleep. So put down the device and the remote and start getting to bed earlier. You’re wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter. Successful people don’t waste time. They are purposeful with what they are doing and everything works toward achieving the goal. People complain about not having enough time, but the reality is that they’re not creating time. It’s a total BS excuse. Everyone has time, but few make time. Be the kind of person who MAKES time…”
-Joe de Sena, creator of Spartan Race

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Which exercise is your arch nemesis? 🫣 I say step and should press🫠

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Big dreams require healthy habits ✅
📝Whatever your goals may be, they require a consistent level of training for you to reach them. One way to ensure consistency within the scope of your goals is to hire a coach to help you build a program. Programs make it much easier to stay on track because you won’t have to think about what you’re going to do at the gym today—it’s already written out.
📅Most programs are designed to be followed for a set amount of time, typically about 4 weeks. Depending on the desired goal, the program will have a different focus—🏋️hypertrophy, 🏃endurance, 💪strength, and so on. Each day is designed with the goal in mind, while ensuring that you are training in a way that minimizes imbalances within the body. If you aren’t following the program consistently, the chance of it working is reduced.

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